24 January 2017

“10th” by Massimo Castagna Designer

Innovation and originality mark 10 years of a brand that knows how to create a new dimension for outdoor design.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Exteta, a new collection is reminiscent of the company’s lifestyle along with its values, sense of space, and the connection to nature, represented by unique shapes and materials. Today, this harmony creates a profound experience that strengthens the worldwide recognition of an already important name in Italian design.

With “10th”, Massimo Castagna interprets Exteta’s outdoor designs by focusing on surprising moods and feelings with one-of-a-kind pieces for their subject, originality, and philosophy. A collection that brings interior design functions to the outdoors, it reimagines them and is second to none with regards to use of space. The collection creates a precedence that is capable of surpassing the limits that can hold us back. Thanks to the innovative finishing touches, materials, and products combined with traditional Exteta elements, the unique and celebrated collection is full of new life.

“10th creates relationships between different materials that find a new dimension by being merged together. This can be seen in the collection’s important innovations, including the production of linden trees for the outdoors and its intense indigo coloring, and also in brass, which finds a new home outdoors, along with leather, stones, solid wood and other diverse materials from Exteta. Classic pieces such as the small armchair, the sun lounger, and complements can be paired with decorative outdoor lamps that go beyond interior design standards, giving life to something that becomes absolutely fresh and new.” – Massimo Castagna.

“Based on intense company research carried out through the years, the materials, finishing touches, and shapes of 10th embody the Exteta experience. Today, thanks to Massimo Castagna, they create uncharted territory for outdoor design that can be seen in this new collection and is capable of bringing out unique emotions and surprising experiences.” – Stefano Viani.

Photo credit: Francesco Bolis