Mar Adentro Los Cabos – Mexico

Monolithic forms and structural rationalism dance upon a very minimal and evocative horizon

A box in the desert that cultivates in its lines a feeling of isolation, of detachment from reality, the dreamlike atmosphere of a visual paradise. Mar Adentro Cabos is a project by the architect Miguel Angel Aragonés, who created a panorama of broken volumes, free and rigid, that seems to open to the outdoors and become a part of it, or to let it in to invade indoor spaces.

Exteta’s philosophy perfectly matches Miguel Angel Aragonés’s vision: a space where the outdoors and the outside environment are not relegated to a secondary dimension, but become part of the architecture itself.

"I learned from those Italian artisans that which we sometimes cannot intuit from schools or from books after many years of study" Miguel Angel Aragonés

The pieces made by Exteta for the Mar Adentro Cabos project are unique elements, the materialization of the brand’s heightened capacity for customization and Made in Italy craftsmanship. Exteta reshapes the landscape and assembles it in a perfect fit with the architecture of Aragonés, in a project that brings the outdoor experience to the apparent edges of the world.