Sunday Suites Santorini – Greece

The experience of a dream world steeped in the Greek architectural tradition, in a Santorini silhouetted by the sea.

A project that incorporates natural sunlight and transforms it into an architectural element. Sunday Suites revives ancient Greek tradition with sinuous lines that are born from the place’s ancient elements: some areas of this apartment complex immersed in the contrast between the purity of the white and the deep blue of the sea preserve parts of old windmills and buildings. The terracing exploits the natural beauty of Santorini and gently blends in with a landscape opposed to chaos. The pieces by Exteta were chosen to decorate the charming outdoor spaces silhouetted by the breathtaking view and become a wellness experience never to be relinquished.

The products designed by the Italian genius of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, such as the Paraggi chairs and sofas, are customized with an exclusive white outdoor leather fabric.

Exteta gives a unique form to its products to meet the design and stylistic needs of all types of architecture, with specialized craftsmen who abandon the idea of standards and create elements that are continuously evolving. Paraggi, Paraggi Large, Sofa, Sun Lounger, Yacht Chair and the Zen Stool and Cap in Corian become the names of distinctive pieces of high design, which can be revolutionized in order to make each project personal.