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    Bellagio Sofa

Strict geometries and precious materials: the Bellagio Collection is a clear homage to a majestic design, able to characterize every environment with a strong identity.
The closed cell structure is made entirely of Sapelli mahogany and upholstered in nautical fabric, available in every colour as per sample card. The perfect fusion between technology and elegance.
Technical data
Bellagio Sofa 200, Top view
Bellagio Sofa 200, Front view
Bellagio Sofa 260, Top view
Bellagio Sofa 260, Front view
  • Bellagio Sofa 200, Pianta
  • Bellagio Sofa 200, Prospetto frontale
  • Bellagio Sofa 260, Pianta
  • Bellagio Sofa 260, Prospetto frontale