Lucido Mediterraneo

The Lucido Mediterraneo is obtained thanks to a glossy painting with 11 coats of varnish that provide to the Mahogany an extreme resi- stance to the outdoor environment, for this reason it is used in nautical environment. The Lucido Mediterraneo is bright to the sight and silky to the touch.
The mahogany quality used by Exteta is Sapelli only. Naturally Preserving: Thanks to the high density, the Sapelli Mahogany is not easily assailable by parasites and is very resistant the acci- dental shocks, as the traditional boat use proof. This is one of the most stable woods in nature. Wood aging: during the years, Sapelli Mahogany will turn its color to a fascinating silver grey. The graduation and the speed of this process may largely vary according to the environment conditions where the material is posed. This changing will have an aesthetic effect only and will have any on the long-lasting properties of the wood.