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    Levante Chair

The Exteta Levante Chair and the Levante Armchair are works of fine Italian cabinet-making.
The structure is made of hand-carved mahogany components that flow into one another, inspired by nature and by the beauty of tree branches. Mahogany, a noble and extremely resistant wood, makes it possible to create this masterpiece with minimal sections and thicknesses to give it a feeling of extreme lightness.
Technical data
Levante Chair with Armrest, Front view
Levante Chair with Armrest, Side
Levante Chair, Front view
Levante Chair, Side
  • Levante Chair with Armrest, Prospetto frontale
  • Levante Chair with Armrest, Prospetto laterale
  • Levante Chair, Prospetto frontale
  • Levante Chair, Prospetto laterale